A call to wear the Overalls against fascism.



This is a call to all anti-fascists across America, to take up the symbolism of the Yellow Overalls, it's affirmation of humanity, in full day light, and in rejection of the shadows.

On January 12th, in York, PA, the World Church of the Creator, a ultra right wing and fascist "organization", will be exhibiting their hatred and ignorance on the steps of the Martin Public Library, demanding the usual vile regards for civil society, diversity, and humanity.
We, on the other hand, the anti-soldiers of the multiplicity, condensed for the day, can attempt to reaffirm the dignity of those victims past and present who have fallen in the face of fascism, hatred, and it's progenitor ... capitalism.

Yellow Overalls represents a warning in the face of a reemergence of mass organized fascism. Yellow Overalls means to stand in the light,
with no shame, in full visibility and in opposition to those who hide in the dark corners. Yellow Overalls affirms the fragility of the body, it's vulnerability to violence, it's right for life and limb and in opposition to the authorities' refusal to let opposition have effect. We would like to call on all peoples, dignified and full of hope, to stand with hands high in the air, in defiance of false categories, "borders", of race, sex, and class, and withdrawal their support for the shadows.

Ya Basta!

one who wears yellow overalls

Info below:
Call to Action against the World Church of the Creator

As many of you may or may not be aware, the white supremacist group, World Church of the Creator and their leader Matt Hale will be coming to the Martin Library in York, Pa on January 12th. For more info on the WCOTC please visit: http://www.onepeoplesproject.com/creator.htm The WCOTC is notorious for picking a town with a present or past racial conflict and exploiting the situation to gain new members. This time they are coming to York, Pa because of a race riot that took place in 1969 where a black woman was killed in a hail of gunfire by white youths. The mayor, who at the time was a cop, is being charged with inciting white youths to "kill niggers." Months before the Sept 11th incident, Anti Fascists across North America had noticed a distinct upswing in fascist
organization and activity. After Sept 11th, many fascist groups began exploiting the attack to their own advantage and have actually had a
dramatic increase in their ranks. Compared to the same time last year, the National Alliance membership has more than doubled!

Here in Philly and the surrounding areas, we have seen the effects of this growth. National Alliance stickers started appearing in racially mixed, working class neighborhoods in northeast Philly. Philly Anti Racist Action tore down most of the stickers and put up ARA stickers in their place. A bonehead by the name of Keith Carney was arrested in front of a vietnam war memorial while he, along with 10 other fascists were putting up National Alliance stickers. Over the summer, Hammer "skins" held a show in Harrisburg, PA with over 100 boneheads in attendance. In recent months, National Alliance affiliated boneheads and Hammer "skins" have been spotted at every major
venue, punk show in the city. A table with anti racist literature was kicked over by boneheads at a punk show in Dillsburg, PA. A few months ago, 2 boneheads were arrested in South Jersey for breaking into a black couple's home and beating them with baseball bats while they slept. Attacks have also occurred in Baltimore outside of shows. To put it simply, shit is getting out of hand!

Another alarming fact is that fascists such as the National Alliance have been able to mobilize nearly the same amount of people to their demos as Anti Fascists. In Wallingford, CT, the World Church mobilized not only people from their own ranks but klansmen, hammer "skins", and other fascist groups as well. This should be a wake up call to Anti Fascists everywhere. The fascists are crawling out of their caves and from under their stones. We must be there to greet the World Church, pick up the stones, and send them running. Matt Hale cannot be allowed to have a platform to spew his racist filth and divide the working class. Keep the fascists on the run and never let them have the streets! Join us on January 12th!

Please forward this to all anti authoritarian groups.

More info to follow....

So far this call to action is being endorsed by

Philly ARA,Columbus ARA,
Barricada Collective, and Tute Nere.

If your group would like to endorse this action please contact Philly ARA.

For now you can contact Philly ARA at:
Email: Philly_ARA @yahoo.com
Phone: 215-727-0882 box #3
Columbus ARA can be contacted at:
Email: aracolumbus@hotmail.com
Phone: 614-596-7677