Revolts Firemen. The post that started a fire.



Tute Bianche: "REVOLT'S FIREMEN"

The "tute bianche" (white overalls) are already well known in the European and American protest movement, being well recognizable with their uniform and protection pads in the frontlines. They undeniably showed their reformist and reactionary core to the worldwide movement in several occasions, but still they fail to get the adequate response we should give them. That's why we consider necessary to spread info on them, their tactics, and their lies.

The tute bianche/ Ya Basta! movement comes out of the bigger and more sold out social centers of northern Italy, like Leoncavallo in Milano, Rivolta in Mestre and Pedro in Padova. Just giving a good look at these places it's easy to understand how the t.b. can't be other than reformist: here you find never-ending compromises with authority, collaboration with political parties, big events described as "do it yourself", well defined hierarchies and leaders.
With their statements and their actions tute bianche play a hard-looking role, and are desperately trying to have more adepts among those opposing globalization, but they cannot hide the truth of their relationship with green and leftist parties ( actually, many of the Giovani Comunisti, youth section of the Italian party Rifondazione Comunista, are part of t.b.) and of their own involvement in politics (some of their leaders like Casarini and Farina took part more than once in elections, even in the 2001 ones, and are those same going on TV to declare war to the police for the Genoa G8, but in this days they are 'contracting the demo' with the Italian Foreigner Ministry Ruggiero!). Can we consider politicians on our same side of the barricades?

We think not, even if they wear balaclavas to look cool and hard, or speak of battles against power to get our complicity.

What, in our opinion, the tute bianche are doing is to reduce the conflict, mediating to get compromise solutions, considering political parties and institutions as referring: tute bianche are a sedative revolt we don't need. We think we cannot and we have not to give a hand to the enemy. If tute bianche do it (and they are doing it), well, so, they are our enemies, revolt's firemen, which are throwing water on the fire. They always talk about "Seattle-style protests" but we saw them in action many times in Italy, and the show is alwaysthe same.

Part one: they declare war, fill their mouths with big words and say they will siege and close down any meeting/forum.

Part two: they ask for permitted marches and collaborate with police and political parties taking part in the protests.

Part three: they appear at marches with their pads, helmets and protections, display in the frontlines, take care that nobody has the insane idea to do something else (above all to smash banks' or multinationals' windows) and that the march can have place without any "problems".

Part four: here is where they try to get revolutionary credibility... clashes with police! They use to confront police at the end of the route with plastic shields and no offensive object, pushing in order to pass the "red line". But these clashes are fake ones! They usually take place when most protesters have gone away, but TV cameras are still present, and last just a few minutes. Moreover police don't use tearing gas, which is their favorite arm during clashes or riots. What these coordinated clashes work for is to build consensus on their façade of hard core protesters, while giving no hassle to power in practice. Their aim is to catch more and more potentially angry people, willing to practically attack power and its meetings, and take them on a do-nothing-and-look-at- us fluffy side.

Another important role they play during protests is also that of white-dressed cops. Many times the tute bianche tried to isolate, demask or physically attack those who passed to action. In May 2000, at the biotech forum Tebio (Genoa) protests, they even distributed a leaflet with a sort of "12 commandments" to follow during the march. Commandment number 2 read "nobody can put in practice spontaneous acts of any kind", while number 11 similarly stated that "during the march no personal or collective action has to occur" and number 8 that "you can throw nothing that has not been decided by the organizers". And they also didn't forget an invite to grass with commandment number 12, inviting "to inform tute bianche of anything happening". On that occasion these white cops couldn't stop a block determined to attack directly the capitalism temples during the march, but some days later they went to the squat that hosted this block to threaten them for having ruined their show . More examples come from Ancona, where in May 2000 they lined between anarchists and cops, or Bologna, where a couple of months earlier at an anti-fascist demo they preferred the usual fake clashes rather than attacking fascists.

Did you ask yourself why tute bianche's actions are always well known and also appreciated by the press and politicians? The discussion around that is deeply felt in Italy, if you have a look at the (a sort of mailing exchange) you will see many people criticizing and attacking tute bianche. Their appearance gives you the feeling that they are a valid and revolutionary movement. What they really do is to convert the protest into an institutional compromise, a show for the media, reducing all to look for 'social peace'. That's what they do, they are, day by day, killing the protest.

It is clear that t.b. are a dangerous infiltration in the revolutionary and protest movement, and a big obstacle for real fight against capitalist power. It is time for worldwide comrades to know it, in order not to do again the error of collaboration and complicity. Actually, it is time to get rid of them!

Knowing that they'll try to lead the Genoa G8 protests, and are already preparing their show... will you take a part in it, or will you ruin it with revolt?

Some rebels (Italians)