An old "poll" taken just before the Wash DC manifestation, Oct 2001.


We here in the NYC Ya Basta! Collective would like to poll you in your interest regarding yellow overalls formation tactics. There is currently a great interest in doing a "ya basta" style formation during World Bank / IMF protests scheduled for late September, early October, yet a coordination of this interest is lacking.

There are currently three active -that is, meeting as, and organizing around- overalls collectives in the greater United States: Austin, TX; Ohio; and New York City. Add to this one Toronto based affinity group, plus countless freelancers and individuals.

We feel, however, that much interest lies dormant, or uncordinated, or simple invisible, and it is our wishes to bring these groups together in some sort of unitary whole during the convergence in DC.

Soon the NYC Collective will be proposing a convergence and action scenario for the overalls events to take place in Washington, DC on the 28th of Sept, including a mini action-spokes council, with the purpose of coordinating affinities and rendering decisions democratically about the nature of what we plan to accomplish.

In consideration of the negative experiences some people had in Burlington, VT last April, (in preparation for the Quebec City protests), there will be within our proposal a sort of countering mechanism to address these issues, and in a meaningful way.

The poll:

These questions are related to WB/IMF:

1. Do you belond to an affinity group that is currently, or may upon
proposal, utilize the yellow overalls tactic in DC?

2. Are you an individual that is currently, or may, utilize the yellow
overall tactic in DC?

3. If yes to question 1, how many people are involved in your collective
or affinity group?

General Qustions:

4. Were you involved in the Burlington, VT trainings, and what were
your impressions of them?

5. Were you aware of the actions of the tute bianche in Genoa last
month, and what were your impressions (assuming you did not

6. Have you been attempting to organize a overalls style collective or
group in your region, but finding limited success?

Please reply to this email with your name, location (approximate for
clandestinity) and plans for DC in Oct.