OCAP Statement




The US/Canadian border at Cornwall falls entirely within the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. Every day, in an affront to the sovereignly of the Mohawk Nation, U.S. and Canadian authorities determine who crosses the border and who does not.

OCAP, in partnership with the traditional people of the Mohawk Nation, labour and community groups is organizing in solidarity with anti- globalization protesters en route to Quebec to open the border at Akwesasne.

It is, for the community of Akwesasne, both an assertion of sovereignty and an opportunity to expose the conditions Mohawk and Indian people generally, live under. First Nations people are over-represented on the street, in the prisons and live crammed on tiny reserves often without running water or heat in the winter. As one Mohawk man said, "The State's not so worried about people crossing the border, but about non-natives coming into the community and seeing how we live."

OCAP is proud to standby side by side with Mohawk people, to open the border and grant safe passage to folks fighting the brutality of the globalization agenda.

Get on a bus. Call OCAP. (416) 925-6939.