FAKE!: A Brief History of Some "Famous" Quotations Ascribed to Ya Basta!



FAKE!: A Brief History of Some "Famous" Quotations Ascribed to Ya Basta!

By the same informal group of white overalls that wrote the document at: http://www.uk.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=6746

Two days ago we posted a rather lengthy document dealing with the campaign of defamation organized by some people who call themselves "anarchists". After that, some comrades got in touch and told us it would be worth explaining the origins of some quotations the slanderers attached to their texts as "evidence" of Ya Basta’s wicked attitudes. Those quotations were either distorted by snatching them out of their context, or even utterly fake, like thisone, which is the most controversial:

"The squatters of Turin are standing far away from us who are discussing things with the institutions and are working on projects and initiatives. They just occupy the social centres to live there and to isolate themselves from the rest of society. Yesterday Valentino Castellani (the Mayor of Turin) phoned me to ask my help. We did make an appointment." (Interview of Luca Casarini, April 1998).

Luca Casarini is one of the spokespersons for the social centres of North East Italy, and never stated anything likethat, nor did he meet the Mayor of Turin.

A brief summary:

On March 5th 1998 police investigations on "eco-terrorist" bombings caused the violent eviction of some anarcho-insurrectionists from three squatted flats in Turin. Three comrades were arrested. The day after anarchists rioted in the centre of the town and smashed shop windows. Seven demonstrators were detained by the police for a few hours. The media raised moral panic on "squatters" (using the English term instead of the usual Italian one "occupanti") as folk devils. Things got worse on March 28th,when one of the arrested anarchists, Edoardo Massari aka "Baleno" [Sparkle] committed suicide in prison. On April 3 anarchists attending Baleno’s funeral assaulted and beat up seven journalists. One of them got hospitalized in serious condition. On April 4th 5,000 people (from the anarchist movement, the social centres and the left) demonstrated in Turin and broke the windows of the Tribunal. A few weeks later another anarchist prisoner killed herself, Maria Soledad Rosas aka "Sole" [Sun], Baleno’ girlfriend, whom the magistrates had prevented from attending the funeral.

From all points of view, it was a terrible story and a textbook case of repression based upon the short-circuit between media sensationalism and our eternal "emergency laws". It happened to an easy target, the perfect ready-made folk devil for the media, i.e. a current of the anarchist movement that was in very bad terms with every other leftist milieu and squatters’ network, and charged virtually anybody with being "reformist", "sold out", "greedy" [bottegaio], "corrupted", "fluffy" etc.

Anyway, everybody in the antagonist scene expressed (and practiced) their solidarity, and accused the police and the Turin public prosecutor. Everybody including the social centres of North East Italy and all the social centres where the white overalls and Ya Basta! originated from. Although there were macroscopic differences between Turin’s anarchists and us, it didn’t take words to make them clear, nobody accepted any sensational division between "good squatters" and "bad squatters".

Centro Sociale Leoncavallo (the Milanese cradle of white overalls) wrote:

"It is notorious that our methods and contents are different… We haven’t been able to set up a national political network either. And yet, this is not important since we are facing a sinister process that is building an European space of constraint rather than freedom. We will take part in the demonsration in Turin, and bring the same contents we brought in front of prisons all over Italy, many other times, too many times. We’ll be there with rage" (http://www.ecn.org/elpaso/distro/nn/fermata/doc2.htm).

Centro Sociale Corto Circuito (the most important Ya Basta!-oriented squat in Rome) wrote:

"They evict us, they attack us, they bust us, they put us in prison and now they even ‘suicide’ us. The murder of Edo, a brother of ours, is the result of the criminal tendency to constrain all social conflict into the articles of our Penal Code. Nowadays, just like yesterdays, emergency culture kills!"

The social centres of the Charta of Milan took part to the national demo of April 4th. This is undeniable.
In those days ANSA (the biggest Italian press-agency) played cut & paste with sentences by Luca, added new words and put the above-quoted "statement" into circulation. In plain words, it was - and still is - a fake. Luca immediately sent out an official denial, which was forwarded to the Baleno’s comrades in Turin. They chose to ignore it and believe the version of a bourgeois medium. After three years, the fake statement surfaced as "evidence" of absurd smears written by some people who like to call themselves anarchists.

Another slandering tactic by "Sandra K." consists in quoting people who don’t belong to Ya Basta! and have nothing to do with the white overalls. For example one Grazia Francescato, a former leader of the WWF, who is now a parliamentary for the Green Party but happens to belong to the internal centre-right wing, which is hostile to social centres. This is the quote:

"A Davos we have, along with Josef Bove, the leader of theFrench farmers, taken the megaphone inviting to isolate those who were chopping windows. We did succeed, with the help of the youngsters of the social centres of Mestre [...] I did meet the boys of the social centres of Mestre and Padova who were taken by Manconi (ex-secretary of the Green Party). I spoke with them, I told them that at the first violent action they would been chased away; after that I did listen to their reasoning. As a matter of fact in Davos they stood at our side, they didn’t throw any molotovs". (Interview of Grazia Francescato, parliamentary and leader of the Green party in the daily Corriere della Sera of 25 may 2000).

This is pathetic. As a matter of fact, the white overalls NEVER threw molotovs, for it isn’t part of our strategy of civil disobedience. The fact that somebody exchanged a few words with Francescato and the fact that no molotov was thrown are completely unrelated. There was absolutely no "help" in "isolating" anyone. Another bizarre trick consists in quoting innocuous, trivial statements, as if they were to cause a great stir. Here’s one:

"In the antique shop we find the remains of revolutionary traditions that passed by in the history of the XXth century: the communist one, the anarchist, the workerist and other ones. Let’s look at them, disillusioned because of what they are: fragments of a time passed by that, with all their splendor and misery, victories and defeats, can’t return anymore, can’t be reconstructed" (from an statement on line by the redaction of Radio Sherwood, spring 2000).

What’s so shocking? One may disagree with our opinion, but we stick to each and every word, for we think we all are to go beyond traditional ideologies and beyond the XXth century.

Now you can see that all defaming rumors circulating about Ya Basta! and the white overalls are completely false and groundless. One may only speculate about the intentions of those who diffused them. As we wrote in our previous document, in Italy we are witnessing dangerous alliances between old Leninist die-hards and some people who like to call themselves "anarchists", alliances that are based upon hatred and fear. These people are scared by social change and the ongoing, uncontrollable re-composition of the movement. They certainly don’t give a fuck about fighting global capitalism, blocking the G8 summit in Genoa, defending the rights of migrants and so on… They spend all their time and efforts to fight Ya Basta! Please do not trust them, and stay away from them: they’re so full of shit they could explode at any moment.

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