Prague / IMF summit Declaration, summer 2000



Lets Bring to Prague the Grassroots Wind

These are the themes we bring to the Prague action, together with the experience of civil disobedience that the Italian movement matured this spring: its political content and practice in the streets. We want to compare these proposals with the others present, for the coordination and mutual respect of different proposals, in order to build action that will embrace all our differences.

Two of the great monsters of neoliberalism will soon be visiting us here in Europe - and they'll find a fitting welcome ready for them.

In Prague thousands of people will be taking part in the international call to defend global rights, against the globalization of capital and the annual conference of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. We shall be there alongside all those who continue the fight that began in San Cristobal, passing through Seattle and now reaching Prague.

In Prague the grassroots wind of change will be felt, bringing word of the priority of people's rights over the law of the market, go a refusal to accept the myth f public security and of the movement to build concrete social networks and take part in the decisions made about our future according to a horizontal, instead of vertical decision-making structure.

This is a strong wind that had started blowing on all the occasions when the power-mongers meet and which howls against the effects f neoliberalism in our territories: from the prison camps for migrants without documents to GMO farming, from the destruction of the environment to the exploitation of women and men obliged to become more and more flexible in their work with fast-fading guarantees.

In Prague, before the lords of finance, responsible for the catastrophes known as "structural adjustment plans" and "debt management policies," this wind will carry the voices of those who demand a universal citizen's income - that redistribution of resources that allows for an income and the necessary services to lead a dignified existence.

In old Europe, including its eastern part, a favorite victim of the new forms of exploitation and domination, it will carry the voice of those whom the powerful would gladly see excluded from any sort of political role. As a European constitution is being created - a basic charta which they would like to be drafted in special, reserved quarters, it will bear the voice of those women and men who are the population of Europe - the women and men who feel European because they are part of the great universal battles for freedom from exploitation and equal rights that have been and still are fought on our territory. the same voice of those who know that Prague will be on the next of these battles - a battle that will have as its setting the city whose history and identity have grown on the very basis of just rebellions, the necessary tools for obtaining freedom, dignity, justice.

From Italy crowds of women and men wish to make this wind felt in Prague - a wind which has been blowing here and was felt especially strong in Bologna, Ancona. Genoa, with the civil disobedience that opposed thousands of minds and bodies to illegitimate and unacceptable detention centers, the powerful international law courts with no control from below, new wars, the return of instances of fascism. They intend to take with them this wind that will blow again in our own part of the world where the G8 has fixed an appointment for next summer.

With these and other demands a train will cross our country for these days of global action, stopping to pick up its passengers and make for Prague - the city that will be the capital of alternatives to the current model of development and the capital of a claim to a different future and a new world.

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