A Call for an International Carnival Block during the
upcoming actions at the IMF / World Bank Meetings, Sept 29th to the 30th, 2001, Wash DC.

[The following call is strickly provisional, and has yet to be "ratified" by the groups putting it out.]


A loose coalition of NYC Activists including Reclaim the Streets, Ya Basta!, DC Masqurade Project, CISPES, Direct Action Network, and others, are calling for all creative peoples to toss back every assumption the authorities throw at us:


Anarchist Clowns,
Reclaim the Streeters,
Direct Action Fools,
Yellow Overalls wearing cats,
Wiccan Ceremonialists,
Radical Cheerleaders,
Faeries with feather dusters,
Militant Puppeteers,
Pippi Longstockings blockers,
Art and Revolutionaries,
AD Busters,
Marching Bandsters,
Oh, and students,
Zapatistoes (that's toes, like in foot)

to gather in a Mass Defensive Carnival Block, a Yellow, Pink, and silver block combined.

A defensive, padded, colorful, procession of life against death.

We will rally around the amphlified voices of the dispossed, real people marginalized, exploited, and left for dead in the wake of the policies and interests of capitalism, via the machinations of the IMF / World Bank.

Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves!

We want to show the world another way to live, we want to amphlify positive modes of action. We want to stay safe, AND kick it to the IMF/ World Bank Meetings. And we want to eat our cake from behind a gas mask!

We want to dance and have our serious revolution. We want to be militantly anti-capitalist, and consume mass quantities, but in a collective, ecologically sound way that will be a thousand times more fun than all their cars and televisions combined. We want to get away from the macho postering which steals the show from women's actions. We want to act as we want to live. Inclusive, non-marginalizing, and safe. We say: let the padded BOZO be the first over the WALL!

The revolution will be carnivalized!